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New Equipment!

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We are excited to announce that we just received new equipment which will help support growing needs and members, and also make us better prepared for The Open.  Here is a quick overview of what came in!

Sometimes unboxing is the best part.

Quick view of all the new toys, now let’s get a little more in depth!

We have added to our soft plyo box collection.  Sometimes one bad encounter with a wooden box and we never want to do a box jump again.  These boxes will allow you to take that leap of faith with no fear.  They are also easy to stack and mix-n-match to achieve that perfect height.

(2) 18″ Boxes, (2) 12″ Boxes, (2) 6″ Boxes

Just in time for The Open, we have also added some 35# and 50# dumbbells.  These are the standard, Rx, weights used in many of The Open WOD’s last year and there is no reason to believe we won’t see them again this year.  We’re ready for you, Castro,  These will also allow us to expand our programming to include things like dumbbell snatches. Don’t worry we still have plenty of the smaller ones for scaling down.  Oh, and we did curls with them just to make sure they were… um… in good working condition. They passed!

(6) 50# Dumbbells, (6) 35# Dumbbells

Next in line we have some new weight wall balls.  We realize that, especially while learning the movement, the jump from 6# to 10# and then 10# to 14# can be a bit difficult for some of us.  These 8# and 12# wall balls will allow you to move up more gradually as you perfect the movement.

(2) 8# Wall Balls, (2) 12# Wall Balls

Lastly, we also got some new resistance bands.  With the popularity of our new mobility class (Saturdays at 10am) we saw a need for additional smaller bands.  Here they are!

(4) 3/4″ Bands, (5) 1 1/4″ Bands

The cleanup isn’t as fun as the unboxing, unfortunately.  Now let’s get to work and play with our new toys!